All Season Glove, Black, L

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  1. Anti-slip - Top improve dexterity and virtually eliminate pull-out.
  2. Breathable - Allow cool air to circulate the interior.
  3. Goatskin Leather Palm - For a natural feel whist increased flexibility.
  4. Pre-curved Fingers - Conform to natural shape of the hand.
  5. Weather Protection - The gloves commit to remaining totally waterproof and windproof.


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Product Description

Comprehensive in its attributes, the All Season Glove combines comfort and weather protection with equal aplomb. The SealSkinz Glove contains a raft of attributes implemented to deter inclement conditions. Totally waterproof, the glove works to prevent water ingress whilst simultaneously providing excellent wind proofing. All done whilst remaining highly breathable, the glove generates a comfortable and dry environment. SealSkinz have designed a multi-purpose glove suited to combat a range of outdoor activities. Pre-curved fingers conform to the natural shape of hand, yielding a streamlined finish; whilst a soft goatskin leather palm allows for a natural feel and dexterity. Completed with a 'featured' index finger and thumb, the wearer is able to operate touch-screen devices with this addition. Anti-Slip Anti-slip lining improves dexterity and feel through reduced friction and virtually eliminates linear pullout; providing you with a glove that performs significantly better than standard gloves. Touchscreen Friendly Now including touchscreen friendly tabs, touchscreen compatibility allows to navigate through your device without exposing your hands to the cold. Aqua Dynamic Design Breathable Breathability affords the wearer with a comfortable, drier environment. Through the process of allowing moisture to escape, skin remains drier for longer. Durable Highly durable fibers ensure a product built to last. The Gloves are able to withstand adverse pressure, wear and damage. Flexible SealSkinz have incorporated 'flex' into the design, enabling the gloves to remain pliable without sacrificing fit. Waterproof SealSkinz products are developed to produce 100% waterproof protection without sacrificing breathability. Windproof Prevents wind from protruding through the exterior. Lightweight and breathable, providing protection from the elements with excellent dexterity and control.

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