Daily Bible Reading Schedule By Month - Four Sets (24 Cards Total) (2x6)


  1. Great for many uses including reading the Bible with family, friends, or relatives; gifts, stocking stuffers, Halloween or other holiday handouts, church VBS, Sunday School, etc.
  2. Has a place to mark off the days that you have read, to keep track of your reading.
  3. Read the Bible in a year with this daily Bible reading schedule. There are four sets of schedules in this package. Each schedule consists of six cards (one for January/February, one for March/April, etc). There are 24 total cards in this package.
  4. Start this daily reading program at any time. Each day you have an option to read either the New Testament or the Old Testament (or both). Read both each day and you will have read the Bible in an entire year.
  5. This is also very good for prison ministries, youth ministries, senior ministries, women's and men's ministries and move. For young children, check out our 7/52 Bible Study program for children at this site.

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