BBloop Stamp "FIRST CLASS MAIL INTERNATIONAL" Self-Inking, Rectangular. RED Ink


  1. 100% bbloop® Satisfaction Guarantee!
  2. Clear mount to help with stamp alignment. Great precision. Competitive value, affordable price for a superior quality stamp. Not readily accessible in stores. Order now!
  3. Easy to use, simply give it a nice firm push with one hand an obtain a neat, bright and solid inscription. Great for multitasking so very busy individuals can focus on important matters. Ideal for both left handed and right handed users
  4. Suited to all businesses: mortgage, insurance companies, banking institutions, teachers, librarian, clerks, tutors, notary, real estate, business managers and more. Reliable, suited to demanding needs in any line of work
  5. The die automatically re-inks by moving back to the inking pad. Tens of thousands of use before ink refill. To replace simply push out the pad by sliding it out, turn it over and re-insert to double the ink use


  1. BBloop Stamp
  2. BBloop Stamp
  3. BBloop Stamp

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