3 Pcs Diamond Pens, Metal Ballpoint Pen With Big Crystal Diamond for Women and Student, Gold Pink and Blue,School and Office Supplies,Black Ink with10 Replacement Refills By YWSYC (3Pcs)


  1. ✅【GODDESS OF BALLPOINT PEN】 All girls have the dream of diamonds, just like the jewelry of the Swarovski family, which usually serve as perfect gifts to please the goddess or girlfriends, but who can say that people cannot own an elite diamond pen? For this price-friendly substitute, you just deserve it.
  2. ✅ 【TOP CRAFTSMANSHIP】This crystal ballpoint pen adopts the factory craftsmanship of the Swarovski family. Its top is inlaid with a large primary color crystal and the upper part of the ballpoint pen is evenly distributed with crystal diamonds of Austrian origin. When writing, it can reflect dazzling and charming glories.
  3. ✅ 【SAFE AND ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY】The refill raw materials are all extracted from fruits and vegetables, which are safe and non-toxic, so they have reached the world-recognized standards in terms of safety and environmental protection.
  4. ✅【SUPER ENDURANCE】 One YWSYC diamond metal ballpoint pen can write 500 sheets of A4 paper, and one sheet of A4 paper can contain about 1000 words. You can get extra 10 free replacement refills for one procurement. According to calculation, you can write 6.5 million words with only $12.99, which is enough for long endurance.
  5. ✅ 【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】 Facing such an elegant crystal diamond ballpoint pen with rich connotation, how cannot people feel attractive? You may just need such a pen in your life, and we also offer a 30-day 100% unreasonable refund guarantee.

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