View-Tab Transparent Dividers, 5-Tab, 8.5 x 11 Inch Sheet Size, Square Multicolor Tabs, 5-Pack (5 sets of 5-Tab Dividers) (W55565)

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  1. 5-pack of 5-tab sets, square multicolor tabs
  2. Fast, easy way to customize your index using your own design or preformatted templates in portrait or landscape
  3. Last minute changes are easy
  4. No labels to apply, no tabs to insert, use with any printer
  5. Tab titles stay in view even when binder is closed, behind transparent poly tabs

Product Description

Wilson Jones View-Tab transparent dividers are the fastest way to create great looking tabs. The revolutionary design allows you to create contemporary and professional looking results using you own printer, paper, and creativity. Titles are always in view. Easy to make and easy to assemble, View-Tabs can be used with any printer. Go to to create customized tabs with one-step formatting. Last-minute changes are easy since all tabs print out on a standard sheet of paper.

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