Andrew Wyeth Sheet of 12 USPS First Class Postage Stamps American Artist Paintings


  1. Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) created haunting and enigmatic paintings based largely on people and places in his life
  2. Sailor's Valentine" (1985), "Soaring" (1942-1950), "North Light" (1984), "Spring Fed" (1967), "The Carry" (2003), "Young Bull" (1960), and "My Studio" (1974).
  3. Self-adhesive First-Class Mail one-ounce price Forever stamps
  4. Wind from the Sea" (1947), "Big Room" (1988), "Christina's World" (1948), "Alvaro and Christina" (1968), "Frostbitten" (1962)
  5. Wyeth used painting to convey emotions that were difficult to put into words.

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