Scrubby Reusable Whiteboard Notebook -- Large Size (8" x 10") -- Hatch Cover


  1. 20 sheets / 40 pages with an exceptional dry erase surface. Use it with dry erase markers and it works just like your whiteboard. Use it with correctable markers and the ink does not wipe away, but erases easily with the pen's eraser or a cloth. Permanent
  2. Covers feature artwork created by homeless and at-risk youth and a portion of sale proceeds are donated to the non-profit organizations that serve them.**
  3. Drawings erase easily and completely even if left on the pages for months (no "ghosting").
  4. Includes: one 8" x 10" blank (unlined) notebook / a black, fine-tipped Staedtler correctable pen / and a band to keep the notebook closed and hold the pen securely in the spine. [smaller size notebook available in separate listing]
  5. Rugged and waterproof! The rigid poly cover can take a beating and since the pages are not coated or laminated paper, the entire notebook is waterproof. This notebook will last. Just think, 100 Scrubby Notebooks used 100 times will save 200,000 sheets of


  1. Scrubby Reusable Whiteboard Notebook -- Large Size (8
  2. Scrubby Reusable Whiteboard Notebook -- Large Size (8

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