Kangnice New 2"X10' 3M Reflective Safety Warning Conspicuity Tape Film Sticker Multicolor (Red+White)


  1. Good quality adhesive reflective film and the board can combine solid, not easy to fall off.
  2. Material: PVC Reflective tape, Width: 5CM / 2", Length: 3 Meters/118"
  3. New and Useful A reflective warning tape, play a warning and reminder role in you daily life.
  4. Reflective tape is a kind of light can reflective in the dark and the night. Mainly for YOUR Garden & home safety Mark And The Road transport facilities, vehicles, ships, fairways, stage, a variety of channels and related mechanical equipment.
  5. Surface is hexagonal honeycomb patterns. There are three-dimensional. Good Viscous, waterproof, long service life, strong reflectivity.Reflective film can clearly outline the contours of the car body, helping to identify the vehicle type, size, and avoid


  1. Kangnice New 2
  2. Kangnice New 2
  3. Kangnice New 2

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