Grifiti Dootle Pad 5" X 7.5" Mini Junior Legal 5 Pack Brown Craft Art Cover Fits Dootle iPad Mini Folio Combination Blue 0.5" Ruled and 0.125" Grid Front Side and Blank Back Side Paper Notepad for Writing Notes, Drawing, Doodling


  1. 5 Pack! Grifti Dootle Pad Brown Craft Art Covers 5 pack 5 x 7.5 inches fit's our Dootle iPad Mini Folios.
  2. Custom size to insert the back cover in the slot inside the Dootle case.
  3. See also, other sizes in Dootle Pads, Dootle iPad Mini Folio, Dootle Stylus Mechanical Pencil, Dootle Stylus Rollerball Pen, Chiton Sleeves, Nootle Mounts, Grifiti Wrist Pads
  4. Simple combination 0.5" blue ruled over lighter 0.125" grid on the front side and blank on the back side. Stiff backer board keeps the notepad in place and taped spine to hold it all together
  5. These are great for drawing on the covers! Standard small size junior legal 6.0 x 9.0 inches with 50 sheets. Can be used as a standard notepads for writing notebook.


  1. Grifiti Dootle Pad 5
  2. Grifiti Dootle Pad 5
  3. Grifiti Dootle Pad 5
  4. Grifiti Dootle Pad 5
  5. Grifiti Dootle Pad 5
  6. Grifiti Dootle Pad 5

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