Fireproof Document Bags-15x11" Fireproof Safe Bag- Non-Itchy, Water Resistant Money Pouch to Protect Money, Passport, Legal Documents, Silicon Coated, Double Layer Fiberglass (Grey)


  1. 【Gamble with your valuables? NO!】EASTPIN fantastic looking fireproof safe bag, a must have at home and office. Made of fireproof safe fiberglass, flame resistant Velcro, Kevlar thread, silicone with double layers protection. Withstanding up to 1100 ℉! We recommend you use fireproof document bags together with fireproof safe, for increased safety and security. Fireproof document bag pouch helps mitigate the damage.
  2. 【Enhanced Protection & Upgraded Binding】Fireproof Bags are constructed from DOUBLE LAYERS of fire retardant fiberglass material: increased heat protection, extra heat insulation, doesn't smell, doesn't itchy. DOUBLE CLOSURE: Wide, strong ZIPPER and large, tight VELCRO for double closure security. Plus the upgraded fireproof binding, all to keep your precious in the absolutely safe condition.
  3. 【Water Resistance Money Bag】Silicone coated water-resistant outer layer protects the valuables in document bag from moisture and enables the documents to survive the raindrops or accidentally spilled coffee. Zipper under the Velcro also helps to assure the fireproof safe bag is water resistance. Thus not only does the money pouch stand up against fire, but it's also highly water resistant just in case it gets wet for any reason.
  4. 【Spacious to Fit More】Large size of 15x11 inches. Plenty of space to store your important legal documents, laptop, cash, jewelry, passport and other valuables. Moreover, Lipo batteries of the drones can easily be accommodated inside fireproof safe bag. Lightweight and portable at 9.0 Oz, easy to hand carry and travel, easy to store in a backpack or lock in a file safe cabinet. Keep your house tidy and clear, for sure is a fireproof bag to flaunt!
  5. 【Worry-Free Warranty】Secure your valuables with EASTPIN fireproof safe bag. EASTPIN provide 2-YEAR warranty to make sure you could buy with confidence. If anything ever goes wrong with fireproof document bags or you need more details, just contact us! EASTPIN would try our best to solve any problems until you are satisfied.


  1. Fireproof Document Bags-15x11
  2. Fireproof Document Bags-15x11
  3. Fireproof Document Bags-15x11
  4. Fireproof Document Bags-15x11
  5. Fireproof Document Bags-15x11
  6. Fireproof Document Bags-15x11
  7. Fireproof Document Bags-15x11
  8. Fireproof Document Bags-15x11

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