Comfort and Silence Joist Gasket Tape - 2-1/4” Width X 100 Ft Roll

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  1. Appllied between joists and subfloor sheathing or between sill plate and foundation
  2. Apply on exterior studs for thermal and acoustical control
  3. Closed cell foam does not mold or mildew
  4. Creates a quieter, more comfortable home, virtually eliminates call backs from squeaky subfloors
  5. Greatly reduces impact sound transmission (IIC) from upper rooms


Product Description

Gasket Tape is composed of a closed-cell PVC material with a strong adhesive on the bottom and a smooth, durable Mylar top. Gasket tape offers the latest technology in construction to increase IIC value, reduce vibrations and squeaks. It's low density effectively reduces impact transmissions and helps isolate vibration through floors and walls. This increases IIC value and provides a quieter, more comfortable room. In addition our Gasket Tapes low thermal conductivity ensures that heat and AC are not lost through the studs, providing for greater energy efficiency.

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