Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboards with Tilt-Adjustable Platform, Soothing Gel with Durable, Easy to Clean Leatherette Cover, Antimicrobial Product Protection, 19.6" x 10.6", Black (WR420LE)

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  1. 2 year limited warranty. Also try 3M Mousing Surfaces with Gel Wrist Rests
  2. 3MTM Gel Wrist Rest WR420LE, Extra Long, Leatherette, Black, 10.6 inches x 19.62 inches x 1.0 inches
  3. 3MTM Wrist Rest for Keyboard with and angle adjustable platform enables negative and positive tilt of keyboard for optimal ergonomics.
  4. Soothing gel-filled for a buttery soft comfort and the leatherette covering is easy to keep clean.


Product Description

3M™ Tilt-adjustable platform for keyboard. Sleek in appearance and operation, these platforms are designed with tapered wrist rests and rounded corners for comfort beyond compare. Adjustable positive or negative helps keep wrists properly aligned and improves ergonomic posture. 3M™ Precise™ Battery Saving Mousing Surface. Soothing gel comfort with buttery soft leatherette covering encourages neutral wrist posture and is easy to keep clean. Anti-microbial product protection inhibits the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria, that can cause stains, odors and product degradation. Contains 15% preconsumer recycled content. 2 year warranty.

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