Black Amano Time Clock Ribbon Cartridge, CE315151 & CE 316450 Replacement


  1. FACTORY SEALED FRESH STOCK, Individually packaged for long shelf life
  2. Fits ALL Amano PIX, TCX, BX, and EX series time clock models (includes PIX-10, PIX-15, PIX-20, PIX-21, PIX-25, PIX-28, PIX-55, PIX-75, PIX-95, PIX-200, PIX-3000x, TCX-11, TCX-21, TCX-22, TCX-45, TCX-85, TCX-88, TCX-90, BX-6000, EX-9000, EX-9500
  3. Replacement for Amano CE-315151 and CE-316450, BLACK INK

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