OverLay Screen Protector Brilliant for COWON PLENUE D Anti-Fingerprints OBPLENUED/12

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  1. Compatible models:COWON PLENUE D
  2. Including: Protective Sheets 1 pcs
  3. Material packing all made in Japan.
  4. Not including Devices.
  5. This product is guaranteed only initial failure.

Product Description

beautiful gloss and luxury!
"OverLay Brilliant" in the LCD protective sheet that adopts the glossy surface treatment, in addition to protecting the screen from scratches with and dust, to give a beautiful gloss and luxury, to reproduce the image vivid color. Anti-glare treatment of a conventional liquid crystal sheet and the surface, because "to eliminate the reflection of light" of the the "diffuse" is not not have to diffuse the light, there is a phenomenon in which recall the color itself such as black is whitish decreases or was. To improve it, "OverLay Brilliant" In adopting new formulation incorporating light actively. And up the recall by suppressing the color bleeding, giving a natural beautiful luster to the human eye. And as if pasted directly printed materials, you will be able to enjoy moist and color vivid LCD display.
light transmittance of 90% or more!
Because it has a light transmittance of 93% performance enough to be used for optical products, and does not interfere with the color development of high-definition screen. In addition, you can protect the screen part by hard coat treatment of the surface.
self adsorption type protective sheet!
Because it is self-adsorption type Paste the double-sided tape or adhesive is not necessary, so that you can paste it into easy. Because to fit the LCD screen sheet of a little stiffer that has been cut to just size, it will protect firmly from scratches and dirt until every corner. Since it does not erase scratches marked directly on the sheet, it is recommended that it be replaced tail guide one month after use.

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