Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP 74 CB335WN / HP 75 CB337WN (Black & Color), 2 Pack


  1. 1. Now the easiest remedy is to open the box and stand the cartridge upright for a few minutes before using. 2. Then get a damp paper towel (use hot water), fold it into quarters and sit the cartridge print head down onto it.
  2. 3. Hold the cartridge down to the damp paper towel for three minutes. This will help pull the ink out of the print heads, priming them and getting them ready to print.
  3. 4. Drag the cartridge across the paper towel a few times so that you see streaks of ink.
  4. 5. Once installed, run the print head cleaning cycle. You may have to run this 2-3 times before printing quality is reestablished.
  5. one year guarantee. Sometimes the ink inside the cartridges settle and the ink can get clogged inside which may cause streaks, light print or blank pages. Please try this trouble shooting technique. This will help to remove dried ink on the surface of the

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